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PMID: 17664690

General secretary's report

Amarkant Jha Amar
 Ram Bhawan Makhania Kuan Patna - 800 004, India

Correspondence Address:
Amarkant Jha Amar
Ram Bhawan Makhania Kuan Patna - 800 004
How to cite this article:
Amar AJ. General secretary's report. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2001;67:8-9
Copyright: (C)2001 Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

Dear Members,

Please allow me to share with you some achievements of our association in last three years (During our tenure)

1. Membership: In 26 years there were about 2400 Life members, in last three years member- s h i p grew by about 800. This was possible only because of your sustained support and involvement. Now we have crossed 3000 mark.

2. In journal fund in 26 years, there was only Rs.200000 fixed at the Head office. We made journal Fund Fixed Deposit upto Rs.10,24,160.00 in three years (A rise of Rs.8,34,160.00) i.e 400%. We also raised Conference Surplus fund for the association upto Rs.13,26,000.00 and kept it in Fixed Deposit. We have made provision in our constitution that these deposits will always remain fixed and we will run the association and the journal only by the interest, principal always remaining untouched.

We once again request that about Rs.2,20,000.00 lying with the Chief Editor should be immediately transferred to the head office (this was passed at Bhubneshwar but was not implemented till date). Any amount directly sent by the branches to the editor should be transferred to the head office as it was passed in the last meeting that even journal contributions is to be kept in FD at HO and no editor can break this fixed deposit. Last year we have given to our journal sufficient funds (Rs.3,20,000.00) but even today we have some backlog of journals.

Once again I suggest that 6 pending issues of our journal should be awarded to 6 eminent persons of our association and they should bring special issues like paediatric Dermatology, Cosmetology, Histopa-thology, Dermato-surgery, Contact dermatitis and pigmentary disorders. They will be requested to edit and bring all these issues within 6 months and they will also be requested to generate funds with help of fellow members by getting advertisements). They will be treated as Guest Editors and the Chief Editor will send the articles lying with him on all the sub-jects to the guest editors.

3. Life Membership Fund: In 26 years life membership fund was only Rs.4,46,800. We made it Rs.5,84,700.00 and with addition of conference surplus fund of Rs.10,00,000 from Delhi, 75,000 from (Chandigarh) and Rs.1,01,000 from Delhi, 75,000 from Ahmedabad, 50,000 from Guwahati, 1,00,000 from (Chandigarh) and Rs.1,01,000 from (Bhubaneshwar) we have Rs. 19,10,200 as fixed deposits for the IADVL. We have already resolved that this amount will always be kept in Fixed Deposit and only interest be utilised.

4. New Numbers and Certificates: As passed at Bhubaneshwar conference and as decided last year we have issued new LM Certificate to all life members giving a central number. We have made separate register for the Ordinary and Associate Members.

5. Income Tax: Any income to our association is tax free we got this letter from IT Authorities. We have filed income Tax return for 1997-98, 1998-99 and 1999-2000 (three years).

6. Delhi Dispute: President Dr. Ganesh S. Pai tried his best to settle this dispute. As decided in our CCM and AGBM, on directives of President Dr. Ganesh S. Pai we sent letter to Dr. L. K. Bhutani and his organizing secretary with a copy to Delhi Branch of IADVL clearly giving them immunity from any legal action once they transfer the money to the IADVL. The president also promised to pay for all the liabilities and expenditures incurred by these two persons for Delhi International Conference. As demanded we once again sent the IT exemption certificate for our association. From our side everything was crystal clear and we were expecting the settlement. Dr. V K. Sharma, President IADVL Delhi branch, Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari and all other active members of Delhi branch tried to settle this dispute. Finally a draft was sent to the President again. This draft was new one and in our opinion was not required because the draft already sent was sanctioned by CCM and AGBM and was strong enough to provide immunity not only to the Chairman and Organising secretary of the Delhi International Conference but to all other members of the organising committee. If the house so desires I may read the new draft proposal sent on behalf of organising committee of Delhi International Conference and also the official reply from our side. We are again back to bracket one. We don′t doubt the intention of the organisers but we have to settle this problem for ever. If the house so wished we can provide them any immunity letter but let us settle this issue for ever. The President elect Dr. Bhushan Kumar with this intention to come to a logical conclusion has brought a resolution on this topic, I suggest let us discuss it with that Agenda.

7. Constitution: We have updated our constitution till 2000. All 3000 life members will get free copy of constitution. We are distributing the constitution in the CCM to all central council members, also to life members, at IADVL stall (Agra Conference) and those not attending the conference will get it by post, as promised earlier. We have not spent any money of IADVL for printing this constitution.

8. IADVL Logo: I communicated the strong objection of IADVL members for using IADVL logo by M/S FULFORD. They sent copy of agreement to the President Dr. Pai. They refer to the legalities. I once again requested them to stop using logo on moral grounds since the house withdrew the sanction. They are still using the logo. Dr. Bhushan Kumar′s proposal in the agenda is regarding the same. Let us discuss it with this proposal and find out a way that sentiments of the members are respected.

9. IADVL Directory: We have updated the IADVL Directory. It will be distributed by Galderma from their stall. Those Life members not attending the conference will get it at their own place through Galderma.

10. Photo Identity Card: We are giving Photo Identity card from IADVL stall to those who sent us photograph. Others will get it once they send us photograph.

11. IADVL Website: We, through Galdema and through 2nd HQ General Circular, sent proforma for IADVL Website. We got response from about 1000 members only.

We have alternative proposals also for the website. I request all the members to send the required information immediately so that the dream of IADVL Website comes true.

For first months, I was indisposed. I apologize to all the members and office bearers if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt their sentiments.

Unity and progress of IADVL is the guiding force for me. I pay my tribute to inspiring leadership of our beloved president Dr. Ganesh S. Pai, president elect Dr. Bhushan Kumar, helping hand of my friend treasurer Dr. P. K. Roy, friendly helps from Dr. Suresh Joshipura, Dr. Satish and Dr. Usha Gupta (Vice President), Dr. Narendra Kamath and Dr. S.C. Mallik (Joint Secretaries) Dr. K. Pavithran (Chief Editor) and to all other office bearers and honorable members of Central Council.

Wish you a very happy new year.

Long live IADVL!

Yours faithfully,

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